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Visual Identity Project

Visual identity | Ana Prado Couto studio.

With the transition from a freelance designer to a design studio, the new brand demanded a more professional look and creative appeal.

The studio's commitment is to deliver innovative solutions with personality, regardless of industry and size. The aim is to have an international scope, even though it is based in Brazil.

"A studio that not only creates and communicates with design, but helps businesses and people to stand out and connect. A studio that goes beyond design qualities, that dives into the brand's universe and reveals what is most relevant to bring differentiation and exclusivity in visual communication." - Ana Prado Couto.

The logo was created with the idea to unite the initials A + P + C in a single icon. The same cut used in the logo design was used to develop a support element (similar to a flower or an asterisk) that will be used in communication.

For the regional dissemination of the brand, a bookmark was developed. In this way, we move away from the traditional business card to deliver a useful accessory that relates to the positioning of the brand, as it instigates the search for knowledge.

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