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Dog Aprendiz

positive dog training

Visual Identity Project

Dog Aprendiz visual identity was created based on the pillars of trust, evolution and respect, which are also some of the principles of positive training. The result is a contemporary, delicate, cheerful and professional brand.


The logo represents the connection between Allana, the dog trainer, and Rebeca, the inspiration dog and brand's mascot. The design includes and training cone that is also an A (for Allana). 


The brand was created keeping in mind that its application would be mostly online, but with possible offline uses in the future. For that reason, the logo and the entire visual identity has an adaptable and fun character, with more detailed and also simpler variations.

We chose Rebeca as a source of inspiration as her image represents all the dynamism and learning of a dog and especially a border collie, which is an extremely happy, playful, active and very intelligent breed. Therefore, it perfectly conveys the brand's values. In such a way, in addition to the affective meaning, the visual result of Dog Aprendiz translates its DNA efficiently.

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