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Brand strategy

Brand redesign

Packaging and menu design

Social media content

Redesign and social media management at Abraçaço @abracocafe in Ribeirão Preto/ SP, Brazil.

Abraçaço is the name of an music album by the brazilian MPB singer Caetano Veloso. A new visual identity was created to correspond all the Brazilianness ans bossa that you find in a restaurant full of affective memories and original flavor.

The new logo is bold and crafty. We created two brands patterns inspired by the famous Copacanana and Ipanema sidewalks with a mix of Brazilian fruits açaí and bananas to add some taste.

In order to highlight the multicultural personality, an occasional mix of font style in the composition of the titles brings more charm to the institutional pieces.

Note: Social networks and materials are constantly updated. Work in development since 2019. For more content visit the Instagram profile @abracocafe

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